Neck Pain is a Pain in the Neck

Neck pain is extremely common. Most of us have experienced nagging pain in our neck after “sleeping wrong.” That kink usually goes away in less than a day. But what about the type of neck pain that is persistent and robs us daily of fun and activity?

Neck and cervical sprains and strains like whiplash occur often among people of all ages. Also common are neck cramps and pain that originates from sitting in the same position for too long (think typing, talking on the phone and spending lots of time in Zoom meetings and at the computer).

Neck Pain Originates from Injury, Activity and Inactivity

There are many different origin stories for neck pain. They include neck injury, day-to-day activities wearing and tearing on the neck, or chronic inactivity. All of these behaviors negatively impact the neck’s bones and muscles and can lead to long-term, chronic neck pain in this very complex area of the spine.

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