Wondering how to treat newly arisen or chronic joint pain? Patients of all ages come to our practice seeking relief from joint pain.

Injuries sustained when we are young can turn into chronic joint pain later in life.

Long-term use of our joints can create chronic pain and disability, even nerve damage as well as joint pain. Some patients find themselves unable to perform daily functions or have a limited range of motion. Relief from pain in the joints begins with an accurate diagnosis and the proper treatment.

Joint pain does not always mean you need a joint replacement.

Join pain comes in many forms. You may have developed it as the result of an injury, or maybe your joint pain comes from long-term neuromuscular stress or repetitive motion. However your joint pain originated, its important to address and treat the problem, no matter what your age.

Dr. Ocasio has treated patients of all age and conditions return to normal use of their joints, without pain, stiffness or weakness and with a new sense of stability and range of motion. Read further to find out more about our in-person and telemedicine visits, our treatments and procedures.

Our professional pain management addresses any issue you might have.

Whether you have pain in your fingers, hands, wrists, elbows, arms, shoulders, toes, feet, ankles, knees, hips, back or neck, we have methods to help.

Even if you want to know the difference between sprain and strain, we can check to see which it might be, contact us to set up an appointment.

We can also help with Fibromyalgia or other Complex regional pain syndromes.

Contact us today and start your journey to becoming pain-free.