People with Headaches Know Migraine Pain is the Worst Type of Pain

Headache and migraine pain can be debilitating. They can rob you of life’s everyday pleasures and keep you down for days at a time. Symptoms can be varying, complex and difficult to trace. You’ve probably seen more than one pain specialist for recurring headache and migraine pain.

Our Pain Specialists Help Pinpoint the Sources of Pain, for Greater Pain Relief

Some patients also experience facial and neck pain in addition to, or separately from their headaches. At North Shore Headache and Spine, the word “headache” is in our name. We know each individual case is different, and we draw from our extensive experience treating headache and migraine pain to help each of our patients individually. Our pain specialists quickly identify and treat the myriad causes of migraine, facial, neck and headache pain.

As headache pain sufferers know, headaches don’t always strike with the same symptoms. Our pain doctors also recognize patterns in frequency and intensity of symptoms. We can help free you of chronic and paralyzing headache symptoms and enjoy a pain-free life!

Our pain specialists are dedicated to bringing relief from whatever type of pain you’re experiencing. Click here to contact our pain relief clinic today.